The business of transforming lives

As Iman’s mum handed her daughter to Khalid, her face seemed to light up with excitement; It was obvious she felt safe and happy with him. Equally, Khalid’s face was a picture of pure joy as he took the one year old in his arms.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen an astonishing transformation in Khalid. As he recovers from his surgery, both his energy levels and mood seem to be improving every day. He is becoming the “big brother” of the group, someone all the younger children love to be with. If you go over to the families’ duplex balcony on a sunny afternoon, you will no doubt see him sitting out in the sun, looking after one of the little ones.

We are also getting to see more of Khalid’s personality. He is very creative and has such a great sense of humour. Whether we are making origami birds,

domino towers or playing a board game, he always ends up making us all laugh. In the long weeks stuck inside the house, everyone appreciates this. There is a lighter, relaxed, more joyful atmosphere when Khalid is around.

Sometimes I ask myself – is this really the same Khalid who arrived all those weeks ago? I remember the day we collected him from the airport – even walking to the car took so much of his energy. I can’t describe the joy it brings me to see the change in him. God is at work here, bringing his life and his light and his joy into darkness and despair. He is in the business of transforming lives here.

Your prayers are so valuable. Please keep interceding for Khalid and his Father. Pray that just as he has experienced a physical transformation, he would experience a spiritual transformation too.