The Cast is Off!

I have to give the glory to God for the patience and sweetness of Noora’s spirit for these past (almost) 2 months she has been in her massive cast. Whenever I am with Noora and her mom, I always feel so strongly the ‘togetherness’ of their family, bound together in love. And today was an even more beautiful extension of this, as we shared the car journey with Zinar and his mum. Zinar’s mum has been such a generous and kind help with the care of Noora, and is absolutely best friends with Noora’s mom. They are just like sisters. And Zinar is like a helpful and fun big brother to Noora. So of course the car journey to the hospital was full of joy and dancing. Of course we listened to ‘Gadol Adonai’ (Noora’s favourite) multiple times on the journey.

The good news from the day is that the X-ray of Noora’s hip looked good, and the doctor was happy for the entire cast to be removed.

The removal of the cast was not painful, but a truly harrowing experience for Noora. She was panicking and screaming for the 10-15 minutes as the nurses worked to remove the cast. Her little hands clutched tightly onto mine and her mother’s, sweaty in her distress, with her eyes so wide and her little body shaking. It was a traumatic time for her, and she has continued to break out into tears at times during the rest of the day. Please pray for Noora that this experience will wash off of her, and she won’t remember the terror which she felt.

Thank God for the good news that Noora seems to have healed well. She is going to be able to return to Kurdistan in about 2 weeks’ time. She is going to have some physiotherapy from Luzma; please pray that her hip remains in situ and that her movements develop well.