The chicken dance

Both yesterday and today, I had the joy of visiting Ziad and his mom at Sheba hospital.  When co-worker Colin and I were with him yesterday, his mom was encouraging him to say the word for chicken in Arabic “djaj.” Ziad’s rendition of it was adorable. He loves videos of chickens, which is what spurred this, so we introduced him to an American children’s classic: the chicken dance!

Today, co-worker Erika and I had fun picking up where Colin and I left off yesterday. Ziad was, at some points, doing a few of the learned dance moves and was enjoying himself and the spectacle of two adults teaching him how to do the chicken dance. This has been one of my favourite memories with him so far. I love seeing him and his mother smile.

He’s been receiving physical therapy and the difference is apparent. Even though he can’t walk, he engages more of his body when he interacts.

His physical therapist walked in when we doing “baby shark” together.  He encouraged us to keep doing this with Ziad as this assists in what she routinely does during his physical therapy sessions to help with his mobility.

Ziad’s mother is doing a wonderful job in keeping with the regiment of the physical therapist. Spending time with her and Ziad is always a gift.