The close of three months and 22 days!

We had to go to the hospital very early this morning. We praised the Lord for the roads being so empty and we prayed that Daryan would have a good echo today. The Doctor had requested an Echo under sedation. We were the first ones on the list but still had to wait for the staff to get all the equipment ready for that procedure.

Daryan is full of energy so he spent most of the time at the playground.

They started the process of getting his oxygen-saturation count by placing a little read-out machine on Daryan’s toe, but he started to cry and removed the cable! The Doctor used nasal drops for the sedation later on but I think they did not work much because he was moving and crying.

Finally, they got the results they needed and the Doctor told the mother that the echo was looking good. However, Daryan will need follow-up care by the cardiologist in Kurdistan. They need to monitor his mitral valve and the left side of the heart. The Doctor also said we’ve done the best we could do for him here. We need to pray that Daryan’s mitral valve is OK in the future.

Then the Doctor gave the good news to Daryan’s mother that Daryan is clear to go back home. Daryan and his patient mother have been here three months and 22 days! Needless to say, the mother was really happy and thankful to everyone at Shevet and to the Sheba personnel. We continue to pray that Daryan’s little heart will keep working well and that he will someday praise his creator.