The closeness of her mother

It was a pleasant surprise to enter little Salma’s ICU room at Hadassah Hospital and find her happily snug and held close by her mother. Salma looked so well, a pinker color, was wide awake and aware of the closeness of her loving mother.

The attending nurse said they had tried to remove the oxygen cannula support, but when they did, Selma did not do well. So they are leaving it going and are taking steps slowly to liberate Selma from the support altogether. It will just be a very slow process.

While I was still in the room, tiny Selma, whilst sitting on her mother’s lap, received vitamins and meds through a few syringes and then some milk through a larger syringe.  These fluids traveled through a tiny tube into Salma’s little nose and down into her stomach. She still isn’t able to receive anything whatsoever directly into her mouth and down her throat. It’s for this reason I believe a baby can actually forget how to suckle because they fall out of practice for weeks, sometimes months when receiving foods and fluids through tubes or even intravenously.

So many gauze bandages and tape have hidden Salma’s tiny hand. But there’s a hand in there for sure. God bless this little person. She’s getting a little better day after day. Your prayers have been greatly appreciated.