The day after

There are many ways to tell about God’s love and mercy, and yesterday one of those ways were manifested before our eyes.

When we met little Yaman and his mother in Ben Gurion airport yesterday, my first thought was, “This is not good.” We knew he was in a bad condition, and had brought a machine for oxygen, but thank God, we didn’t need to use it while bringing him to Hadassah Hospital in our car. His lips was dark blue on the edge to black, all his body was bluish.

But to see him today left a big “HALLELUJAH” on my lips! It was hard to stop smiling, because when someone is prepared for an emergency operation like he was yesterday, you know that the child is in a serious condition, and I had the feeling that they came here to Israel in just the right time to save his life.

Yaman’s path towards having a normal life has started, and only God knows his future, but this much I know, baby Yaman has received a chance to live, healthy and able to grow up. His healing right now continues while being sedated, and as a nurse said, “One day at a time.”

Please continue to cover Yaman and his family in your loving prayers, and please also remember the marvellous team of doctors and nurses in Hadassah Hospital while praying.