The day of the important surgery

Finally, the time has come! When Coworker Tineke and I arrived at Sheba Medical Center this morning, Hazhin’s father told us that the surgery which had been postponed last week, started a few minutes ago.

Five hours later we had the certainty that everything had gone well – what a gladness! You could see how all the pressure of the last few days eased off from Hazhin’s father.

A little later, the doctor could explain us the details of the surgery. Everything went exactly as planned and there was no bleeding or anything like that. Thank God! The doctors placed a band around the pulmonary artery, and also did a shunt from two vessels, as planned. Afterwards they could close the chest.

Not only that all plans could be implemented, but Hazhin’s body is also in a good condition. Although she is still on medication and mechanical ventilation, the body responds well to stimuli. The next few days will show how Hazhin’s condition develops further. At a later date, there will be a second surgery to switch the two arteries. We thank God for faithfully caring for Hazhin today. We pray that God blesses her and her following recovery.