The day we all prayed for

This morning I arrived just at the perfect time at Sheba, I went to Sarjon’s room, hugged his mother, said good morning to our whiny friend Sarjon and then we went to the surgery preparation room. There the doctors needed another signature of his mother and explained a few things to her and asked questions. It took still quite a while until they took Sarjon into the OR and in this time Sarjon just told us over and over again that he wants to leave.

After they gave him his anaesthisia they carried him into the OR and his mom started crying. It’s scary when they take your beloved little boy from you to such a big surgery. We waited outside together and she showed me pictures of Sarjon’s three big siblings, from Sarjon’s baptism as a baby and from Kurdistan. We had fun together and distracted each other from the worries for Sarjon. Later another Kurdish boy went in his Cath and so the mothers could wait together and support each other.

The doctors planned to close Sarjon’s AP window, the hole between his aorta and pulmonary in the surgery and told the mom that it will take four to five hours – and after only a little bit more than three and a half hours the head surgeon came out and told us that the surgery is finished and everything went well! What a relief! An hour later we went to Sarjon’s room and saw our cute boy again.

It wasn’t easy for me and his mom to see our usually so active boy lying there sedated but with open eyes and tears in his eyes. But in the end, the thankfulness over the good and successful outcome prevailed. Tomorrow the doctors plan to extubate Sarjon if he continues to improve and we pray that soon we can see his smile again. We miss him in Ashdod running to us and spreading so much joy! Please continue praying for him! And thank God for success in this dangerous surgery today!