The diligent, praying Grandma

Today was the first time for me to visit Rafif in the hospital.  Rafif, an adorable little girl, is here accompanied by her Grandmother.

As I was watching Rafif sleep, my attention was drawn to her grandmother.  She had rolled out her prayer rug and began praying and I sensed she was doing this with her whole heart. She was interrupted however when we were asked to exit the room for a short time so that an X-ray could be taken in another room.  Immediately after we were allowed to go back to Rafif’s room however, she continued in the same posture to pray.

I consider Rafif’s Grandmother an example for me, the way she was praying in earnest in this big and difficult situation. I thought that I have much to learn still on the importance of prayer, not only in the big and difficult situations of life but even in the little struggles because I know that my Redeemer lives and He is faithful to hear us! Amen!

written by Tabitha