The early bird catches the worm

The early bird catches the worm! Today Halbast, his mother and I, were the early birds. We were at the  hospital before eight. The echo area was empty, and the front desk still closed. Halbast was the first patient of the day, therefore everything went very smoothly.

First, we went to have a blood test, which is normally the worst thing for Halbast, but today he didn’t cry so much and was done very quickly. Afterwards, we went back to the empty echo area, and sat down to have some sweets. Daiki Halbast and I agreed that the sweets in Kurdistan and Germany are way better than the ones they have here. But it seemed that Halbast didn’t care about that a lot, he enjoyed them so much!

After a short time, Halbast had his echo. Dr. David said his heart looks good, but he still needs an x-ray. In less then 30 minutes, we had the X-Ray, and were up again on time to see some clowns doing a nice show for the children. All of this appointment went easily and promptly. We were so happy.

From this moment on, our happy faces and joyful minds changed a little bit, because we had to wait for such a long time to speak to the Doctor again. Sadly, it turned out that Halbast has pleural effusion, fluid around his heart, and was re-admitted to the hospital. Daiki Halbast was very, very sad about that and so am I. Tomorrow he will have another X-Ray to inspect this condition, and if it is still not good or even worse, he will need another chest drain. Even though this day closed with unpleasant news, I’m glad that I could spend it with them.

Halbast’s Mom is such a beautiful, loving, caring and funny mother. She really needs your prayers now. All these ups and downs are not easy to take, and she misses her husband, and children at home. My prayer for her and Halbast is that God will do something over night so Halbast will not need a chest drain. I also pray for strength for Daiki Halbast as she needs to stay strong for her little boy.