The Echo room turns disco

Today, co-worker Debi and I went for the first time with little Maryam for an Echocardiogram. It was so much fun for Maryam and for me. Debi bought a nice toy that Maryam could distract herself with during the echo time. The toy turned the echo area into a disco as it flashed a few lights and played a cardiac rhythm. The first time that Maryam witnessed this toy she was laughing and enjoying it for a good length of time.  In the end she was crying and we had to wait for a second echo with our disco toy but the second time Maryam enjoyed it.

Also today the doctors confirmed Maryam’s next surgery date as being this Sunday. She will be admitted on Saturday, please continue praying for Mimi and her mom, Sara.  Sara is really worried about the next surgery and the potential surgeries in the future. She wants to hear that this one is the last one. With Maryam’s condition however, and according to the doctor, she will most likely need another surgery, probably as a teenager.

These two have walked a very long path since coming to Israel six months ago. Still, they are closer to the goal no matter how it may appear.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.