The father’s love

Today our little Mina had an ultrasound appointment for her kidneys and for her brain at Sheba Medical Center. I drove the friendly father and her there together. When we arrived for the appointment we still had to wait for some time. During that time I had the privilege to hold the cute girl for a while and she was very calm. But after a time she started to cry a bit because she was hungry. When the father noticed that he prepared her milk immediately and took lovingly care of her. She was satisfied with the milk and to be back in her father’s arms. She felt asleep a few minutes after this and she stayed asleep until the doctor told us to come into the room for her ultrasound.

In the rest of the waiting time Mina’s friendly father showed me pictures of his family back in Kurdistan. Little Mina is the youngest of three children that the parents have together. There is one brother and one sister and of course the mother waiting for them back in Kurdistan. The calmness of Mina was not with her anymore when the nurse did the ultrasound for her. She cried a lot during it but was beautiful to see how her father took care of her again and tried to calm her down.

They already have a beautiful relationship with each other. When the friendly doctor looked at the ultrasound he said it looks good. Tomorrow the little girl needs to have a corona test done in preparation for her surgery that is scheduled for next week. The surgery will be a two-step surgery; in the first one they want to do a BT shunt and a pulmonary artery banding, in preparation for a possible arterial switch. Thank you for your prayers for this small girl and her extremely friendly father. They are much appreciated.