The favorite pacifier

The small Mohammed is still in the normal Pediatric Station at Sheba Medical Centre. The general condition of this lovely boy is stable. I didn’t get updates on changed procedures with him.

As I arrived at their room today, a nurse and a therapist were busy on his bed assisting Mohammed in his medical and physical activity. He, of course, was crying. After the exercises were finished, the therapist told me how good the therapy was for his development and explained to me how I  can continue with this measure.

Mohammed is an intelligent little boy. He was following my voice by turning his head and looking at me with his inquisitive eyes. It was like a play for us together.

Mohammed is still also in the process of learning how to drink by himself. He had a different pacifier today, which should help him to restore his sucking process. But he loves just one of them. All the other he throws up! He knows what he likes.

Please keep praying for his recovery!