The final day at the hospital

After a fairly long wait, the day for Samir’s pacemaker check and cardiologist appointment was here! To sweeten the day, he was accompanied by his “grandpa” or “bapiro”, Frank.

Samir’s mother told me that he has just one grandpa who lives in Syria and whom little Samir doesn’t know, so meeting Frank has been a real blessing for him.

Samir loves to put his hands together, eyes closed and pray, and so he made sure that we prayed for him before leaving. Bless his day and his health, Father God!
Samir knows exactly what he wants, and certainly something he did not want was the assessments which took place today! His mother had to hold him tightly for the pacemaker check, and he took a little coaxing in order to lie still for his other assessments. Luckily he has a wonderful mother whose sweet words helped him get through the echo. It was good to see how patient with him all the medical staff were as they ran the tests.
A highlight of the day for Samir was riding up and down one of the glass elevators.
Once the testing was done, we needed to wait for the doctor, and so we all went to visit other friends in the hospital, Israa and Rovar. Samir and his mother helped to brighten up their days.

The outcome of Samir’s assessments today was very good, he can go back to Kurdistan! We are all going to miss him so much. He will need to have follow up from the cardiologist in 2 different cities in Kurdistan, this has an added bonus that they can visit some of the friends that they have made here who live far away.

We made it home in good time to prepare for Samir’s farewell party; they will fly home tomorrow! Please keep on praying for Samir, precious one, for his health, and that he will grow to know and love Jesus.