God of Abraham at Golda Ice Cream Cafe

Written by Lisa and Jonas

Today was one step closer to sweet little Hazhin’s surgery day.

But before that, she had to have an ultrasound at Sheba Hospital of her brain and kidneys.

Little Hazhin was not too happy about the procedure with the cold gel on her head and body, and she made sure the rest of us were aware of that! It was with great relief that Hazhin’s dad received the good report from the doctor that all looks well, and our precious girl is now cleared for surgery.

Please continue to pray for sweet Hazhin and her dad, that she will continue to be stable up until surgery day. Our good Father in heaven is faithful and loving towards all his children.

Due to car logistics this morning, we had to leave earlier with Hazhin and her dad to the hospital, even though the appointment wasn’t until the afternoon. So coworker Lisa came up with the great idea to walk to the food court at the hospital, and have some ice cream at Golda cafe. When we sat there at the table, a Jewish elderly couple stopped to admire Hazhin. The man told us that he had had a life-saving heart surgery three years ago. His wife told us that it was a hard time with the recovery that took three months. But they were so happy that God had saved his life.

Before they left, the man blessed Hazhin’s dad. When I translated that to him, he was so overwhelmed that a Jewish man wanted to bless him and pray for God’s help over his situation. You could tell that this was nothing Hazhin’s dad had expected, and he got really visibly moved.

These divine appointments are so special, and to me this is the core mission of Shevet Achim – to be a bridge between Jews, Muslims and gentiles.