The God who fights for them

Today I arrived at the hospital shortly after 8.00 am and found the grandma of Mohammed sitting, waiting, while the boy was taken for a very complicated operation. In fact, there were two different repairs at once. Hoping and praying we sat together and she was mostly silent, but shared that not being alone in this situation is good.

After a time, an Arabic teacher and an Israeli music therapist turned up and asked her about her grandchild, and she became relaxed and peaceful.  As times went on, tensions came back, but the Arabic woman returned as well, and told us that the end was near. Finally one doctor came out and told that the surgery was successfully finished! The grandmother cried for joy, informed the mother and the whole family back home, and could hardly wait to see Mohammed again. We finally caught a glimpse of him in the hallway on his way back to the ICU:

His grandmother praised God for this outcome, and thanked him. The support from the hospital is very gratefully received, but still there is a long way to go.

“He is a hero,” the Arabic lady told the grandma. Please pray that they can make it through the next steps, and that they meet the God who fights for Mohammed as they walk this difficult road.