The goodness of God

Written by Jana and Ruth
The goodness of God underpinned our long day with Omar. There were so many little prayers he answered. We were worried about how we were going to fit two carseats, two grandmothers and their bags all in the back of the car. However when we got there, everyone fitted perfectly. We also discovered the two grandmothers were already friends and were soon chatting away.

Omar’s grandma had such a beautiful spirit. She kept laughing and talking to us in arabic, even if we didn’t always understand what she was saying. Sometimes she would say “take him” and just hand you baby Omar – it made me smile. She took photos of both of us with him and showed Jana a lot of pictures of her family.

Omar was such a beautiful baby and his outfit was amazing. He was wearing an enormous, fluffy all-in-one thing and you could just see his little face staring back at you. One moment I will always remember is watching him fall asleep as Jana held him, singing “blessed be the name of the Lord”. It seemed so symbolic of our whole day. As we looked to God, our “strong tower”, he provided. It is my prayer that the grandma sensed God at work.

Omar’s echo was good, though it was difficult because none of the medical staff in the room spoke much arabic. Again, God provided. Amar translated everything from Hebrew to Arabic over the phone. I felt quite helpless to do anything myself. As I passed my phone between them, I was reminded of my complete reliance on God to provide everything.