The Grain of Hope…

I spent the night with Shakar and his mum in the hospital. It was a surreal experience as she was, again, in a variable mood. Her grief came in unpredictable bursts, she wept in waves and had many phone calls. She took out all of Shakar’s clothes from her bag, piling them onto my lap, full of emotion. And then, as we sat together, there were long stretches of time where she was filled every time with peace.

By contrast, Shakar seemed never changing, as his little body lay, supported by many machines and medicines. The main thing which happened was that his temperature was very low, and so a nurse set him up with a special blanket filled with hot air to warm him up.

It was sad to see him, his arm is getting darker purple, and when I touched his head, some of his hair fell out. It seemed a hopeless picture. But yet, I felt like God said that he wants us to keep on hoping. No matter the outcome is going to be, believe that He’s spoken about Shakar’s life!

Two days before, I saw so clearly in my mind the short scene from 101 Dalmatians, where the owner holds one of the new puppies who seems to have not survived, and he says “and yet, I wonder…”  

I even changed the background of my phone to this picture, so that what God has spoken was unavoidable! Calling me to choose to remember his voice and choose to accept the call to hope…
I feel my hope is really quite timid at the moment!

Each time I started to feel like I was dropping away from hoping, I opened the sign up sheet which Alena had sent around for the 24 hour prayer for Shakar. And I read the first couple of names, which gradually multiplied. Some I recognised and some I didn’t. I thought how special that God has called that person to have hope, and to feel so surrounded by the family we have in Jesus all around the world. We are truly not alone.

Thank you for continuing in prayer for Shakar. As we left this morning, the doctor reiterated the update from each day. Shakar is in a very critical condition. So the mother asked why she can’t just take him home to Kurdistan. The doctor said firmly, “because we still have a grain of hope, and we are using the grain to get us through.”

Amen! Let’s keep hoping and believing in a loving Father in heaven for Shakar’s life.