The great artist

Today, Khonav’s inner artist made an appearance. I think we were equally excited this morning when she was invited to the little art room and offered all kinds of paints and pens and glitter. The black page quickly seemed to come to life as she sketched out a huge tree, accompanied by beautiful red flowers. Not wanting to be left out, I asked if I could join in. As Khonav and I sat there, drawing together, I felt so peaceful.

I think God loves it when we create – when we design and make things – because he is a creative God and we are made in his image. He is the great artist and we are his masterpiece. It was so beautiful to see this wonderful creativity in Khonav.

After our art session, Khonav and I played a puzzle game. Even though the instructions were explained in English, she seemed to understand the game much better than I. Khonav’s mum insisted I join them for lunch…and what a feast it was. I really don’t know how mum Khonav manages to make a hospital feel so welcoming, but every time I visit her, I feel like a guest at a banquet. Today there was pita bread with a large selection of fillings, and a delicious cheesecake which she’d acquired from somewhere. When Georgia joined us later, mum Khonav (to my amazement) produced even more food! Like creativity, hospitality is a gift from God – it’s so wonderful to see God’s own heart in these two amazing people.