The happiest baby I ever met

Co-workers Joseph, Almuth and I drove to the Gaza border to pick up Hassan, he had been here before with his grandmother, but this time his escort was his father. It suprised us because a father is rarely the escort for a child from Gaza, it is almost always a female relative.

The first thing that struck me when Hassan and his dad came to the car was how smiley this seven month baby is! And he stayed contented most of the day! As we drove to Hadassah, I saw his father regularly fidgeting with the seatbelt making sure Hassan was comfortable and offering endearing caresses to his son. He was extremely attentive to his son’s napping and eating schedule.

Once we got to the hospital, our day was spent going back and forth between rooms and departments to get everything¬† Hassan needed to be admitted for his catheterization. Everyone was very kind and accom-modating, and there was a really sweet peace and friendship between us and Hassan’s dad. This is his first child, and he gave up a lot to come and take care of his beautiful boy. His eyes were so full of love towards Hassan, it was really sweet to watch.

Hassan might be the happiest baby I’ve ever met. He didn’t cry once except when he was unhappily woken from his slumber by a needle being inserted into a vein in his foot (I might add that anyone would be quite rightfully upset if that’s how you woke up from a nap). But after that he snuggled with Almuth and fell asleep again.

The doctor of the catheterization explained everything to Hassan’s dad in Arabic,¬† again, the doctor is a wonderful man who made everyone feel at ease. Please pray for Hassan as he undergoes his pre- Glenn surgery catheterization. He had his first of three surgeries a few months ago, and now we look to his future needs. What a lovely day spent with a lovely family.