The Journey Home

Praise God for the good works he has done in the life of Mohammed.

Since he was discharged from Hadassah this week, he and his mum have been to Jerusalem with the families of Nyaz and Lana, and they had a farewell party also. Mohammed really enjoyed the party, especially the songs!

Today, Julio, Yousif and I took Mohammed and his mum back to the Jordanian border. It was my pleasure to be able to escort her through the crossing into Jordan. Again, I felt the spirit of God was with us, opening the doors to enable a safe and straightforward time for us. We were very blessed to meet many helpful people during this time. It took quite a few hours to get through, and the father of Mohammed had been waiting at the crossing point to meet them for a few hours before they actually arrived.

We parted ways in Jordan, as she got into a taxi to complete the final short distance before meeting her husband, and I had to navigate my way back through the crossing to meet Julio and Yousif who also had been waiting all this time.

It was lovely to receive a photo from Mohammed’s mum of her, Mohammed and her husband back at home. I am so pleased that they can be reunited again as a family, with Mohammed’s heart and health in so much of a better condition than when he left.

Please continue to pray that the spirit will rest on Mohammed and his family and make many doors of blessing open for them.