The journey isn’t over yet

We had all been eagerly waiting for an answer today to know whether Khonav could have another surgery or not. From the assessment done in the catheterisation a few weeks previously, and the echo assessment today, the doctor was able to explain to us that the pulmonary arteries have not yet grown enough to be able to safely carry out a surgery to fully repair Khonav’s heart. However, they are growing in response to the surgery which she has had. As there are no flights to Kurdistan until July, the doctor felt it would be best to carry out another catheterisation at the end of June, with the hope that her arteries will have grown sufficiently and she could have the surgery to repair her heart. Perhaps also during the catheterisation, they would be able to dilate her central shunt again and send more blood flow, which would help the arteries grow, if necessary.

The other possibility is that if her heart is not ready for surgery after the cath, then she could return to Kurdistan with the other families in July, and then come back to IsraelĀ  again after some months for surgery.

Please pray for wisdom, peace and understanding for Khonav and her family in the light of this uncertain plan.