The joy of Shevet Achim is leaving us!

Ali is such a special Baby to me and I‘m so happy that he is leaving us today. When I arrived Ali and his amazing mother were already there and I would say Ali wasn’t really in a good mood. He cried a lot and only wanted to be with his mum. I had the pleasure of spending a few days with Ali and his mom and also Ana and her mom in Jerusalem. There I got to know them very well and since then Ali had stolen my heart just like his mother did and with that his mood changed totally. Ali‘s mother is so much fun and is full of love for Ali; you can tell in the way she cares for him.

They both have a special place in my heart. They are very crazy and loud which made our trip to the airport so funny and unforgettable. Ali’s mother had a lot of bags and the kind airport staff member just let it go! God‘s miracle! Also Ali was bringing a lot of happiness to the people at the airport by crawling on the floor and babbling a lot. It was just such a blessing to see them being so happy and relieved after such a long time of Ali’s healing process.

I‘m so thankful to have know them and I pray that God will continue touching their hearts and will send people to them to share their faith with them in order that Ali‘s family can build a relationship with our awesome, loving, powerful God!