The joy of the Lord

There is never a boring moment with Shahad. Her joy fills the room like the light from a candle – you can’t help but smile too. We had so much fun today at the hospital: blowing bubbles, making necklaces together and even decorating a glove. As I looked round the room at Shahad and her mother, both laughing at the glove, I felt the difference God’s presence makes. He was there in a beautiful way, bringing his joy and peace to all three of us.

Shahad’s special spark of creativity, her beaming bright smile, and patient spirit always leave me feeling humbled as I reluctantly say goodbye. Today I was especially touched by this, and reminded of the words of Jesus:

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” – Matthew 19:14.

Jesus places a high value on children – he welcomed them into his presence and spent time with them while on Earth. Shahad is teaching me a lot about the joy of the Lord; I see it in her smile, her laugh – in that excited look she gives me when I first walk into the room.

Please pray that God would continue working in the lives of Shahad and her mother. May they come to know him as the source of their hope and joy. May he continue to give them patience during their long stay in hospital.