The joy of the Lord

It hasn’t been an easy week for Hassan. Recovering from his 3 hour catheterisation on Tuesday, he’s finally off Oxygen support. Since then, he’s also started physiotherapy, which he really dislikes.

Despite all this, Hassan was in a better mood today. It filled me with so much joy to see the cheeky smile return to his face as we played a game with my ID badge and blew kisses at each other (or rather I blew kisses and he blew raspberries in return). He has a great laugh, and a wonderful sense of humor – just like his Aunty. It’s an incredible gift to see God continue to fill them with his joy, even after all these weeks in hospital.

As I was reflecting on my visit, the chorus of a Rend Collective song came to mind:

The joy of the Lord is my strength
In the darkness I’ll dance
In the shadows I’ll sing
The joy of the Lord is my strength

We know Hassan and his Aunt have a long journey ahead of them. He has a very complicated heart and many more long days in hospital await him. In the dark and shadowy moments, I long to see them encounter the joy of the Lord as their strength.