The kindness of strangers

Beautiful Huda was discharged from Sheba hospital on Friday afternoon. It took a little while because she has come to Jaffa on many medicines and the nurse who was doing the discharge was very patient and keen that everything was thoroughly understood.

Huda’s mum dressed her and when the canula was taken out of her arm, we were able to leave. Before going, Huda’s mother went over to the Israeli family with whom she was sharing a room. I don’t know what transpired previously, but she thanked them over and over again.

Co-worker Georgia and I were both really touched by this, and guessed that they had probably offered their help during the course of Huda’s hospitalization. The kindness of strangers is a gift from God.

We left the hospital on a blustery winter afternoon, and our Friday night meal together with the families we’re hosting at our Jaffa house was then also a celebration of Huda’s homecoming!

Thank you for praying for this beautiful girl.