The last echo

For a long time now Mohammed and his mom were anticipating the day where they could go to the hospital to have his next echo. Finally we could take them to the hospital today. Thanks to his doctor who moved Mohammed’s appointment from the end of January to today, Mohammed didn’t have to wait for so long in our house, but was even discharged to Kurdistan after his doctor saw him. He made clear that everything is fine with him. But he also stressed that Mohammed needs to take good care of his teeth as an infection would be really bad for his artificial valve. Because it is artificial, it won’t grow by itself even if Mohammed gets older and continues to grow. That’s why he will need another surgery in the future where his current valve should be replaced by a new one. In all the happiness which we could experience with Mohammed, his mom and the other Kurdish family that was released back to Kurdistan, I could still feel that his mother was a little worried. She kept asking for recommendations and important things which Mohammed should do. Thankfully she called a family member who could talk English and he translated everything for us. Now we can be even more sure that she understood everything and that she knows what is important in his current situation.

We left the hospital with two happy families who have been waiting eagerly for this important day. The rest of the day was filled with happiness and anticipation for the day they will finally fly back home. As the time went by here at Shevet, the two boys grew closer and became like brothers who would laugh and play video games together.

We are grateful for this good news and give all the praise to the Lord who did so many wonderful things in Mohammed’s life. Thank you for praying for him and his mom.