The last of three stages

Fatima was operated on today at Sheba Hospital, she had her Fontan Surgery and it is the last of three stages of surgeries for her. What has been done today was to reroute
blood from the lower half of her body to go straight to the lungs instead of to the heart first.

While Fatima was being operated on, I took care of her mom who was very nervous and worried about her daughter. While we waited, she showed me proudly the pictures of Fatoum. Then she read the Koran and when she cried I hugged her and shared her tears to show her that I share her pain.

After a few hours, the doctor came with the good news that Fatoum is fine. The operation went well and the chest could be closed immediately.  The attempt to remove the tube went also well.  Fatoum is stable and now recovering in the ICU.

Fatoum’s mother couldn’t wait to see her daughter safely returned to the ICU room. She is very thankful to have her daughter back but still strained and overwhelmed from the last few hours of extreme anxiety and fear for her daughter. As we hugged goodbye, we both had tears in our eyes. Please pray for Fatoum’s recovery but also for strength and comfort for her mom.