The liveliness of little Maryam

We visited little Maryam today at Sheba Hospital.  She was awake but alone in her room. We could tell that she was glad somebody was there for her. She had a cute pink mobile hanging above her which we turned on and as soon as the music started she moved her head in the rhythm of “twinkle twinkle little star.” She even gave us a sweet little smile! We really enjoyed seeing Maryam this happy and so full of life.

When we asked a doctor how Maryam is doing, we were told that Maryam will get a PEG tube in her stomach so she can gain more weight. They are hoping Maryam will be able to eat by herself someday soon, a very big step.

We are so thankful for the liveliness of little Maryam. Please pray for her and that everything the doctors have planned will work for the best for Maryam.