The long-awaited day!

Archie and I saw the joyful face of Ahmad’s auntie as we stepped out of the lift this morning.
Prayers had gone up on behalf of Ahmad, asking that God would open the way for him to have a surgery, as his condition deteriorated, waiting for a bed space in the intensive care unit. Praise God as today that door was opened, and Ahmad’s surgery went ahead.

His patient auntie was so happy. Her face was lit up with a beautiful smile, as she explained that he is just 20 days old, but they want to do a very big surgery for him. She has waited on behalf of her family for over a week for his surgery to happen. All were growing anxious. Archie showed her a photo of Ahmed which he had on his phone and we all agreed that he was a very handsome boy. Thankfully,  he is in the hands of God.

After the surgery, we visited him, and the doctor told us that he is stable. He looked so small, with beautiful porcelain skin and so much black hair! Lord willing, he may be extubated tomorrow.
Thank God for the successful surgery, and please continue to pray for Ahmed”s healing.