The long-awaited day

Lalo’s mum has been a joy to have as part of our Shevet family over the month or so that she has been here. She is always hopeful, and kind to think of others before herself.

As she has three other children in Kurdistan who are missing her, she has been keen to know when the surgery for Lalo will take place, so it was good to bring her and Lalo today to the hospital, so that he can go into surgery tomorrow morning!

Lalo hates every procedure at the hospital, and so it was a difficult time for him. He cried a lot, but his mother comforted him with her whole heart.

Just before I left her in the room at the hospital, she commented to me ,”I never thought I would have to do this.” Her reflection on being away from her family, with a baby who is very unwell, requiring urgent life-saving surgery, and in Israel. Thank God that is has been made possible, and that He has strengthened her to do everything for the sake of Lalo.

Please pray for Lalo ahead of tomorrow’s big surgery.