The Lord Shines His Face Upon Us

Praise God with us today for the favour which he poured out on us at the hospital throughout Razbar’s appointments. Her cardiologist was thorough and delivered the great news to us that the surgery looks to be very sucessful and that her heart appears to be in a good condition.

The doctor was attentive to hear the concerns which the father of Razbar still has about her; she continues to present with congested sounds and has some breathing difficulties. She took up Razbar’s cause and phoned the pulmonary doctor to arrange for us to see her straight away afterwards. She also helped to ensure they Razbar would be seeing a dermatologist and have an MRI scan to further assess the causes of her breathing difficulties.

The pulmonary doctor remembered joyful little Razbar and was pleased to meet her again. She too was so thorough, and prescribed some medication for inhalation to help clear Razbar’s congestion.

Jana and I really enjoyed our day with Razbar and her father. Razbar is such good fun, and really enjoys clapping and dancing along to music. Her dad is so committed to Razbar’s health, even though she is a complex case and she has to stay in Israel (to address the breathing issues) for a longer period of time than he previously anticipated. He is a peshmerga soldier, and has been given a month off of work to be able to come here to be with Razbar. He expressed his worries now about having to stay here such a long time. Please pray for him to have peace about staying here for longer than he expected to. It is a joy to see how much more relaxed he is, and for some of use to be able to form friendships with him here at Shevet.

Please also praise God for his favour and blessing over our day today, and for his healing for Razbar. Please continue to lift up this sweet girl in your prayers.