The loving eyes of a father

She did it!

Our strong little girl Israa stood through her and long-awaited surgery today! There was Israa sleeping inside and her Dad worrying outside of the OR. There was no time where he was able to stay still. He constantly paced up and down the hallway, the Echo Area and the waiting room, showing how anxious he was. Though the situation must have been horrible for him, Israa’s Dad was still helping the father of Rahaf and trying to talk to the Aunt of Shahad. This deep love and connection between the families is very touching.

When the doctor told him that the surgery was over, his concerns weren’t fully relieved. He needed to see his little girl to know that she was safe and doing well. To keep himself occupied, he planned Israa’s return home by scrolling through the internet looking for outfits that she could wear when they would celebrate with family.
To me it is remarkable how these parents put all their own needs and wishes behind them and give their children all they have. Israa’s Dad, for example, misses his wife, his daughter and Kurdistan so much, but there is no place he would rather be than next to his beloved daughter.

As I was waiting with him he told me how much Israa loved all of the volunteers, that she was constantly talking about us and that he was very thankful for everything that Shevet Achim has done for him and his family. Finally the doctors brought Israa out of the surgery and into her room.  Israa’s father was incredibly relieved and happy. He stood outside of the room so he wouldn’t disturb the nurses in their work. His worries still didn’t stop when she was out of surgery, but he wanted to give the nurses space so they could do everything for his daughter. As he finally entered the room he took his place at his daughter’s bedside. His loving eyes resting on his little girl.

Praise the Lord for Israa’s surgery and the strength He gave to Israa’s Dad.