‘The Movement’

Jana and myself took the mother of Mustafa, Sundus, to see her precious son in the adult ICU at Sheba Medical Center. Before we were allowed in to see Mustafa, my hands were cold. Dear Sundus, with such care and kindness, began to warm my hands; a beautiful act of caring for others though her heart was hurting so much.

It was the first time I have seen Mustafa after his operation, to see this fun-loving, young man lying there with tubes everywhere and eyes closed, was very hard to take in. You can imagine that for Sundus, to see her son still the same as when she saw him yesterday, it must have been heartbreaking. The very kind nurse caring for Mustafa said there is no change in his condition. The Doctors will come around tomorrow and may decide if Mustafa is to have another echo. It is very important to make sure Mustafa is not in any pain however, so they are proceeding with care.

Mustafa is sedated but not completely.  He can hear the nurse and can hear when we speak to him as well. Sundus was talking to Mustafa and praying, stroking his hand which was out from under the sheet. Suddenly, he very slowly moved his arm and moved his head. At that moment, I felt like an intruder. This most wonderful moment was between mum and son. Mustafa was conveying that he heard his mother and our tears flowed.

The nurses were then about to have some treatment for Mustafa, so we had to go out of the room. The nurse caring for Mustafa was exceptionally gentle and capable. Before the treatment, she asked if Sundus had any questions and then patiently answered them. She told us that the three chest drains were removed this morning. This was good news in the right direction for Mustafa.

As we sat in the waiting room, I truly could feel Sundus’s pain and deep sadness. I sat next to her, trying to bring some comfort. Co-worker Jana, who drove us to the hospital, gave Sundus a bar of chocolate which, after a little persuasion, she ate to our delight.  Then the attending nurse called to Sundus that they had finished with the treatment. As only two visitors are allowed at one time, Jana went with Sundus.

As I sat there, I thought about dear Sundus. It really touched me so very much to think that as we walked up to the hospital, as it had been heavily raining and there were many puddles, even though Sundus must have been so anxious to see Mustafa, she waited for me as I struggled slowly through those puddles.

With my heart I ask for prayer for healing for dear Mustafa and much prayer please for Sundus. We need to be carrying her as her legs are weak and her whole being is in such stress. I thank you.

Isaiah 43 verse 2
When you pass through deep waters I will be with you .