The next adventure


She just landed in Israel, and off she goes into the next adventure. Today we were able to take Shifaa to Sheba Medical Center for her admission. Shifaa climbed into the car very joyfully and took a long nap during our car ride.

As we arrived at the hospital, there was only one thing left to do: waiting. So we took on the long wait for Shifaa to be finally admitted. During that wait, I had time to play with a smiley Shifaa, and had a nice talk with her mum. Shifaa’s mum told me about her family back in Kurdistan, and I was even able to skype with them!

Finally, the doctor came, and told the mum all about the surgery. She took all the information in, and nodded bravely. Even though Shifaa did not enjoy the medical admission procedures, her mum held her and poured out all her love on her little girl.  Shifaa fell asleep in her mum’s loving arms, resting before her big day. Tomorrow they will perform a Catheterization. Thanks for your faithful prayers.