The next fight

Today I finally got to meet the enchanting Maryam. Before I came to Israel, I followed her medical progress on the Shevet Blog.  She is a warrior and a miracle of God.

I accompanied her and her lovely grandmother to an Echo at Sheba Hospital. The doctor then said that the echo report looks fine, but Maryam’s enormous underweight makes him worried. Maryam just won’t gain any weight.

The doctor said he would rather keep her in the hospital for a few days. Not gaining weight is not due to anything cardiological, so he wants to have a dietician see her soon to help her gain the weight she needs.

Maryam is in the hospital now but hopefully only for a few days. I would be very happy for her if Maryam could go home soon. Let us pray specifically for this time in the hospital that the cause of her not gaining weight is found out quickly so that this sweet and so brave little girl can be helped quickly.