The next step

Big day for Hena! After a long time of waiting, growing and more waiting, Hena has been hospitalized for her surgery tomorrow.

She isn’t yet big enough for the Glenn surgery, so the doctors will perform a small surgery that will make her ready for the big surgery.This is a step further and the family is very happy about it.

Hena’s uncle is taking very good care of his niece. It’s not always easy for him with all the waiting and all the responsibility for a little child for such a long time. But he is doing a great job and he has been really patient. It is very nice to have them living in Jaffa with us. Hena’s uncle speaks English, so we have nice conversations with him. All the volunteers are in love with little Hena.

Let’s pray for Hena that the surgery will succeed, and she can go to her parents who miss her so much.

‘O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: for His mercy endureth for ever.’ Psalm 136:1