The patient mother of Asmeen

Asmeen’s mother is a very patient and lovely woman. When I went into the Sheba Hospital Pediatric ICU today to visit her and Asmeen, she was finished with eating her lunch.  I said a silent “Hello” to let her know that I’m there. She didn’t see me at first and I wasn’t allowed to go into her room. She came out with a smile on her face and hugged me while she greeted me. I’m impressed that she is still quite happy even though she is in the hospital for a long time with her little daughter.

It’s always funny when I visit her because as we attempt to speak with each other and it is always a mix of Kurdish, English, Arabic and German. But somehow we mange to understand each other. Every time she is trying to recall an English word and remembers it, she is very proud of it. She’s studying English on a phone App.

She told me that Asmeen had an Echo today which showed that Asmeen’s little heart is in good shape and added the word “Al-Hamdullalah,” which means ‘praise be to God’ in Arabic. I’ve asked her if she can take a picture of Asmeen for me. Sadly, you can see that she is intubated again.

Her friendly mother told me that Asmeen is not sleeping well during the night. Our precious little Asmeen will have a Tracheotomy surgery on Sunday in the morning. Hopefully, that surgery will be successful and Asmeen will heal fast and soon. Please pray for the doctors at Sheba, that they will be given great wisdom and direction for this surgery. Please also lift Asmeen’s patient mother up in your prayers, asking for her to have peace about the whole situation.