The Power of Good News

Waiting can be very exhausting. That’s how Dleza and her brother felt this morning waiting for her doctor to look at her wound. But once we saw him good news poured out for Dleza. The doctor is very happy about her wound, which made all three of us very happy. After she took her blood test very bravely we had an appointment with Dr. Varid. With him we talked about Dleza‘s medication, because they made her sick. He told us how happy he is about Dleza improving and said there will only be one cath for her next Thursday. If this goes we she can go back to Kurdistan. This amazing news drew a bright smile on her face and we all were celebrating. It is so heartwarming to see Dleza, after such a long time of pain and sadness, happy again!

Praise God who stayed with her through all the trouble and who will be with her in her cath. Please pray that our happy Dleza  can go home to her family soon. She misses them badly.