The Privilege of Meeting and Encouraging People

Today, we had the pleasure to meet six precious children from Gaza. Four children came at first and as we just left two more rushed in, happy to finally reach the hospital.

First of all, our beautiful Ali. He was a bit unsure and unhappy when he arrived. But after his treatments he was very happy and enjoyed painting, eating his pita and especially moving a sticker around his fingers, face and tummy.

He has already received one cath and a surgery and will stay for another surgery.

Yousef with big brown eyes and a huge smile looked around the room and laughed at us all. He is so active, cheerful and it’s difficult to believe that he is sick at all. Still the echo didn’t looked perfect, so they are thinking about a surgery for him.

Hashim was easily amused with some crayons and a picture to color in. And once he had finished his treatments he enjoyed the chocolate and licked the last of it off the wrapper which he stucked to his face. The chocolate spread all offer his big smiling face. That brought a smile to all of us watching and especially to his mother.

Eleas was our oldest boy, already ten years old. He has been monitored since birth and has been declared fit for sport and unrestricted way of life, his father told us.

He was thankful that his son has not required any surgery.

Later on, as we were just about to leave, two more kids rushed in. One is the beautiful four and a half months old Mira.

The other one is our toddler Qusi.

We were really happy for them to get permission and having the chance to receive echoes. You can pray for good results, also for the two of them.

It is a privilege to support their parents when they are in this stressful situation. We meet some very lovely people this way. May God protect them and touch their lives.