The Stress Test

Beautiful Hani has embarked on her battery of tests looking into the electrical condition of her heart. As I wrote before, around 30% of people with her condition do have some electrical problems with their hearts, and so the medical team here want to be thorough in their assessments, which will lead to a better plan for her surgery. Hani has been wearing an external halter since yesterday morning to monitor her heart during a 24 hour period.

Today, she also came again to the hospital in order to have a “stress test.” The doctors set her up on a bicycle with mask and head monitor, electrodes around her chest and so on. Hani needed to pedal for 8 minutes for them to get the data they need. It was so helpful to have Julio there to translate into Sorani Kurdish for Hani and her dad; there was a lot of information for her to understand and remember.

It was actually a difficult time for Hani, because she was afraid with the mask constricting her face, she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to breathe. I felt really proud of her today; Hani is 8 and a half years old, and in this new country full of strangers with her dad, and she can’t speak the language. She is beautiful, fun and intelligent, and so it was not nice to see her not managing to hold her tears in. Hani was very brave and carried out the test as best as she could. Unfortunately her oxygen saturation dropped too low, and they were unable to continue the test as planned. Thank God for lovely Hani and her dad. Please pray as her assessments go ahead.