The Surgery Day!

God held this day perfectly in His hands and brought us all through it according to His timings. Little Mohammed was brought down to the operation room at about 11 am, by two familiar, cheerful and lovely nurses, accompanied by his mum. It was very nice to see them all, and to wave farewell to Mohammed who was happily watching the faces of the medical team as they wheeled his bed away from us.

Mohammed’s mum was precious company all day, she is a very strong woman, and it was so enjoyable to be together. Although the day was surely a difficult one, she remained peaceful and chatty throughout. We spoke together about living as a community, and it was especially beautiful to hear how close friends the mothers at Shevet have all become with one another. Mohammed’s mum has a kind heart for all of them! When I received news today that another Shevet child waiting at the Jaffa home would be called in for surgery, Mohammed’s mum was quick to pick up her own phone and share the information with that child’s mum. We also had a nice picnic lunch outside together, a favourite Kurdish specialty dish called “Dolma,” sent from the other mothers.

We heard after maybe five hours that Mohammed’s surgery had been successful. We celebrated together! After another few hours, Mohammed was transferred into the ICU and stabilised with his mother by his side.

Praise God for a special day with this kind mother, and for a successful surgery for Mohammed.