The sweet taste of going home

Finally the day had come for Nozhdar to return to our community home in Ashdod. Discharged at last, Nozhdar’s mother was so relieved to finally journey back to Ashdod and to the other Kurdish mother’s staying there with their children.

Nozhdar was ready and waiting to leave as soon as they heard the news. It seems the occasion called for a new outfit, so mum was off to the mall to find her lovely smiley son some new clothes and a soft toy to celebrate. The sweet taste of freedom beckoned.

Nozhdar will need to return for some more genetics tests to determine what syndrome it is that is causing his hands to have five fingers, but that is a question for another day.

We are just going to savor the sweet taste of freedom on our way home. Lord we thank you for a good outcome from Nozhdar’s procedures and look forward to spending more time with this gorgeous little man.