The teddy bear

written by Helen
We went to Sheba hospital today with a little lad called Rovar. Whilst there I visited a young lady of 14 years called Khonav. She had just been told she was allowed up out of bed to visit the bathroom, but was concerned that the nurse had walked away leaving the blood pressure cuff on.  I took the cuff off, so that she was free to go.

When she came back, I asked her if she was too big for a teddy bear. She held out her hand. I placed the teddy in her hand, and she smiled and held it close to her. Mum got up and hugged me. Funny how a teddy bear can cross the language barrier.  When I left, she smiled and waved.

Khonav was supposed to have a catheterization but the plan got changed during the day. Instead of a cath, she had a CT Scan which confirmed her diagnosis. After that, Khonav and her mum were taken to their room.