The tiny bird

]It was a happy reunion¬† at Sheba Hospital today for co-worker Alena and I to sit again with Mohammed’s great aunt. Despite the fact that the majority of the time she was with us she was in isolation, we really did immediately like each other.¬† So it was fun to sit together again. She offered us the delicacies available as a greeting (two chocolate yoghurts), which opened our morning together.

Mohammed was looking tiny, peaceful and cute in his yellow pajamas and massive blanket. We had a good look at him together and agreed he is just like a tiny bird. His little legs are so thin; he is still receiving all his nutrition from a feeding tube. He is also still looking quite yellow, although an improvement from the previous week, so it seemed to me.

Thank God for the joyful and dedicated aunty! She is making friends with her neighbors in the hospital, and when she needs to communicate, she is remembering the few Hebrew words she has acquired from her previous times in Israel.

Please pray for our little bird to grow strong!