The tooth not Fairy

Today we were so blessed to have Sohaib attend his dental appointment at Sheba Hospital, which he needed to have prior to any cardiac surgery.

This appointment was scheduled for January – which was not ideal to have all his treatment delayed for so long. What a blessing of logistics from the Lord that it was brought forward!

Sohaib was his usual cheerful playful self before the procedure even though he had had an early start in the morning. During the procedure Sohaib was put to sleep and had his two front teeth removed and his other teeth cleaned and filled as was necessary.

The dentist was very pleased with how everything went, and this means Sohaib can now continue onto his heart surgery. Sohaib however was not so happy with the deal. When he woke up he was rather displeased to be missing his teeth with no visible rewards!

A ride in the hospital transport, videos, games, medications and cuddles did not soothe him. His mum was beautifully persistent in her care for him and he is now a little better consoled with the situation!

Please do pray for his upcoming  surgery.