The trust in God

Today was a rough day for Malak’s mother, full of waiting and changes in plans for the next time in hospital. For now Malak is not really able to swallow all the food she needs a day, so she still needs an NG tube. Her doctors are considering to give her a PEG, but her mother would rather try to practice Malak’s swallowing during feeding her with the NG tube in the next two weeks.

During all this time of thinking of treatment plans and considering what is the best for Malak, her doctors were so kind, took a lot of time for her and made sure that Malak’s mother understands everything they’re talking about. Although it was a rough, long and very emotional day, it was great to feel helpful staying at the side of Malak’s mother. She is such a thankful woman and the trust she has in the Lord is amazing. When I left, her the last thing she said was, “I will pray to the Lord for Malak.”

Please join our prayers for Malak, that she will learn to swallow more and more, for her mother, to stay patient and keep her trust in the Lord and for the doctors, that they will consider the right things and choose the best treatment plan for Malak! Thank God for bringing us all through this long day, for staying with us and giving everyone the strength we needed to persevere.