The wait is finally over

As the Shabbat exited some good news entered the Shevet house: Gashbin’s surgery would be Sunday. As soon as we told Gashbin everyone was happy except her. She was very scared and starting crying. Colin and I drove her to the hospital and tried do keep her calm but even Baby Shark (her favorite videoclip) couldn’t put Gashbin’s mind at rest.

It was not easy for the doctors to do their tests on her however the mum was trying her best to comfort Gashbin. After a long time I was alone with her in the room and I started talking to her. She looked at me and tried to say something. The only thing I understood was the word pray. So I looked at her and asked if I can pray for her. I was so happy as she nodded. As I prayed she was very quiet and I felt so much peace in this moment. A peace only God could give.

Today there were a lot of people visiting Gashbin before she left for her surgery, and she wasn’t as scared as in the evening. There was time for a quick dance and long hugs.

Our coworker Julio, a fluent Kurdish speaker, was allowed to be in the operating room when Gashbin’s mother handed her daughter over to the Israeli doctors. Click here or on the audio bar below the picture to hear Julio’s description of the holiness of that moment:

Around twelve o‘clock her surgery started and after that many people were sitting in the waiting room to be with Gashbin’s mother, drink tea together and to give one another strength. In the morning meeting we sang the song “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord,” and that is so true. As we were waiting I felt very surrounded by God. After five hours of surgery we got the good news that Gashbin’s surgery went well. The doctors are happy but are waiting to see how the next 24-48 hours will be.

So please keep on praying for Gashbin and her strong, loving mother. Our God will give them strength to get through the next days.