The waiting game

With Eva’s strong and stable recovery after her first procedure, doctors at Sheba Hospital decided to send her home to Ashdod! We are seeing the results we wanted, decreased pressure and blood flow to the lungs, and an increase in appetite. We have seen such an increase in appetite that this little one might just eat our food till we can’t find anymore, but we praise God for that.

Eva has regained her happy, smiling, and playful demeanor, and that is blessing us greatly. Now we just need to wait; wait for echoes, medicines, and surgery. Doctors are hoping her next surgery could be in about two months, but it could take longer, which is a concern we are praying over.

We are happy to see Eva recovered though, and that is the first emotion we feel when looking at her past, or thinking of her furure. We are happy God has brought us this far, and are excited to see where he brings her in the future.