There is still hope

Niyan’s condition is stable. She is doing well on the ventilator, but the doctors at Sheba Hospital are trying to find a solution to make her breathe without any support. It seems like she lost so much weight, that her muscles aren’t strong enough to make the effort to breath. Also her lungs still seem to have trouble working without the ventilator. Tomorrow Niyan will be extubated and awakened and the doctors will place a special oxygen mask on her mouth to help her lungs work better. The doctors are also giving Niyan special milk with extra calories, so she will gain weight fast. This will give her body the strength to breathe.

Niyan’s father came to our house for a couple of nights while Niyan was sleeping. This also gave her father new strength to deal with the next couple of weeks. There is still a lot of hope for Niyan. We just have to pray really hard that she can breathe on her own without collapsing. Otherwise the doctors need to come up with more drastic solutions. Please keep Niyan in your prayers!